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Writing Content for Your Website

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Writing Content for Your Website

Writing the content for your website is quite possibly the biggest job to do, and in fact if you’re not a keen writer, possibly the hardest job too. Writing is a bit like Marmite, you either hate it or you love it. Business owners are passionate experts in their own right and could probably talk the hind legs off a donkey and sell snow to Eskimos in a face to face meeting, but getting that passion across on a screen is a completely different kettle of fish… Okay enough with the clichés, here’s a couple of the golden rules to remember when you are writing content for your website:

1.  Who are you talking to?

The first thing to think about is who you are talking to. Normally if your website is designed to sell your products or services, then it’s going to be your customers. That’s pretty obvious I know but you’d be surprised at the number of websites I see written for the owner of the business; jam packed with industry information and jargon that a customer just won’t understand. What happens next is obvious too, they click the big red cross at the top right of their screen and go elsewhere.

So when you sit down to write keep a mental picture of your ideal customer in mind. Actually visualise them, create an avatar and write as if you’re talking to them personally. So ask yourself who is your ideal customer:

  • Are they male or female?
  • How old are they likely to be?
  • What level of education are they likely to have?
  • What’s their level of income?
  • What sort of job are they going to have?

Really build up a picture of them in your mind’s eye, it’ll help with the language and writing style you’ll need to use to get your message across.

2.  W.I.I.F.M


WIIFM… It’s a classic mistake and happens a lot. Let me ask you a question…

Q:  When you view a website, what are you looking for, why did you go there?

A:  You’re looking for information on that website page that answers the reason why you went there in the first place. Does the page you’re viewing give you the information you need, provide the product you want or offer the service you’re looking for. If the answer’s no then that big red cross gets clicked and you keep searching until you find one that does.

When you go to a website, and it’s the same for your customers you are asking yourself WIIFM.

What’s In It For Me?

So another rule to help you write your content is to make sure that what you are writing clearly answers WIIFM.

To recap then and to help you keep your content CUSTOMER FOCUSED, think AVATAR and WIIFM.

What’s In It For Me?

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Paul Brooks
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