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Why am I getting a “Cannot Verify Server Identity” warning?

Why am I getting a Cannot verify server identity warning?

Why am I getting a “Cannot Verify Server Identity” warning?

Problems with your emails?

Here at Media Identity, we are constantly working on improving the services we offer to our clients. As such we are currently in the process of upgrading our servers for all of our clients to make the sites we host faster and more secure. As part of this upgrade, we are currently migrating all mailboxes (email accounts) hosted by us across to the new server.

Cannot Verify Server Identity

What is an SSL certificate?

You may have noticed recently when opening a website using the Chrome Browser that a security warning pops up to warn you if a site is ‘not secure’. To combat this security warning we run a website through a series of checks which once passed give the site an SSL (a Secure Socket Layer) Certificate.

All our emails pass through a data centre based here in the UK; the data centre itself has millions of emails passing through it each day and so has to have a high-level SSL certificate in place as part of their insurance requirements.

In our case, this is under the domain and all of our clients have their own individual domain names set up on their devices. As a result, the two domain names do not match and this triggers a warning.

Don’t panic though!

However, this is just an automated warning to alert you that this difference exists and is not a security issue and you do NOT need to panic!

To resolve this, simply press ‘continue’ when the warning appears (note that you will need to do this twice) and carry on as normal; your emails will work as normal across all your devices.

If you do however experience any difficulties, please complete the form below and we will respond immediately, or if you are looking for support with your existing set up call us now on 01604 532002.


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