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Web Design

Owning a website can feel tough and daunting!

Getting your business online for the first time, or redesigning an existing website can feel like a daunting task. There’s a lot to think about both visually and technically when it comes to building a website that is ultimately profitable for your business. Our bespoke website design process is an interactive one where you will be involved from the start to the finish; we work to make sure that you are completely satisfied with the end result. Our design team will work with you to decide what pages and structure will make up your website. They will research your target audience to understand their preferences and your competitors to consider their positioning. Once we understand this we will be in a stronger, more informed position to build you a unique website that will stand out from your competition.

CDR Pumps Responsive Website Designed by Media Identity


  • Scoping Meeting

    Spend time drilling down into what you need your website to do for you at the beginning and you will save HOURS at the end of the process.

  • Proposal

    You'll receive a proposal including all the elements discussed, ready to tweak where necessary or accept and move on to phase 3.

  • Design & Build

    Designing your website using Style Tiles, Professional Themes and WordPress, the Worlds most robust content management system.

  • Test & Launch

    Testing is a part of web design which is often overlooked. Our testing processes are vigorous and cover off all browsers & devices before launch.

Your Web Design Elements

Website Style Tiles Designed by Media Identity

Style Tiles

The first step in our design process is to agree on the graphical language of the website. Style tiles are now the solid foundation of our design process and act in a similar way to the mood boards that an Interior Designer might present at the beginning of a project.

The tile includes ideas on the fonts, colours, textures, buttons and images that we plan to use on the new site. This allows us to quickly identify and agree on the graphic language of the site before selecting a suitable theme and gives us a toolbox of styles to refer back to throughout the project. Think of a style tile as the brand guidelines for use across your digital arena.

Theme Selection

Once the Style Tile stage is signed off, we will present you with a series of potential WordPress themes that we feel work with the styles agreed and the content that needs to be published on the new site.

Once we have purchased the agreed theme, we will implement it on WordPress and adapt it to include the styles agreed in the earlier stages. From here we will be able to build out the remainder of the site based on the content you provide within the parameters of the chosen theme.

Using WordPress as Your CMS

Many of our sites are built with the popular WordPress content management system (used by more than 27.5% of the top 10 million websites as of February 2017, source: Wikipedia) your site will allow you to update the content on any page or post, plus add brand new pages and articles whenever you wish.

The editing of your content is all done through easy word-processor-like user interfaces that you will pick up quickly, so you don’t need any HTML coding skills. You can just get on with changing and adding to your site when you need in a quick and easy fashion. The full page editing system allows you to add, edit and delete pages from a simple website admin area, including:

  • Create new pages at the click of a buttonEdit any page in your site with a friendly ‘Word Processor’ like interface
  • Edit any page on your site with a friendly ‘Word Processor’ like interfaceAdd images, files for download and YouTube movies easily and quickly
  • Add images and files for download and YouTube movies easily and quickly
  • Change the structure of your website by moving pages around with a simple drag and drop interface

When it comes to working with other CMS systems don’t worry; we’ve covered projects including bespoke CMS systems, Drupal, Joomla, CMS Made Simple, Magento and many more over the years so if you’d rather work with another system just say the word.

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