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Search Engine Optimisation

White Hat Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation has changed. Period. In the old days, it was all about getting links back to your site; thousands of them! Today, white hat SEO techniques involve a LOT more than just getting backlinks to your site. Your custom campaign will be built specifically for your business and is centred around qualified and targeted keywords to bring you the very best quality visitors; giving you more chance of making a return on your investment faster. Building an SEO campaign is different for every client but it boils down to understanding what point in the sales process we need to be picking up your target audience and then dropping them onto your website.

Monitor, measure, tweak and improve your search engine ranking results


  • Keyword Research

    Proper keyword research is essential in order to attract the right traffic at the right point in the sales cycle to discover your website. This solid foundation breeds campaign longevity.

  • Thorough Optimisation

    Over 200 individual checks are carried out on your website itself and every box is ticked. It is the combination of many small tweaks that can make all the difference to your results.

  • Monitor & Improve

    Managing off page optimisation includes keeping your backlink profile healthy and clean. Your site needs to be constantly monitored and maintained for potential toxic links.

  • Ongoing Monthly Reports

    A hand-written report is prepared and sent to you each month for your review. Lots of statistics and data don't mean a lot unless they are explained and that is our focus for these reports.

Your SEO Partners

Google Penguin 2.0
Googles Zebra Update

Backlink Profile


Monitoring and managing your backlink profile is an integral part of any white hat search engine optimisation campaign. A backlink is a link from another site back to your own website and Google looks closely at the quality of that linking site. It looks at the relevance of the content itself to the page on your site that it is linking to; it also looks at how well the page (and site) is ranked on Google in its own right.

But Google’s algorithm also takes it a step further than that; it looks at the web pages that link to THAT website! It measures that linking site by the same parameters and so you can see why being careful about monitoring the quality of your backlinks is so vital.

Toxic Links


Google takes a good look at the quality of the web pages that link to your website. It also looks at the quality of the web pages that link to the web pages that link to your website.

So, what if those linking websites are poor quality?

If the Google algorithm detects irrelevant content or untrusted websites then your website ranking WILL be penalised rather heavily.

If you are concerned about the quality of your backlink profile get in touch, we can assess your situation individually and make relevant recommendations from there.

Do It Myself SEO

A fully managed search engine optimisation campaign isn’t for everyone. You may have an internal team who has time to dedicate to running a campaign for you, but you will need the tools to do that.

Well, we have the answer! We’ve teamed up with a brilliant tool that will allow you to manage, maintain and improve your search engine rankings yourself.

The tool is very user-friendly, and you don’t need any previous SEO experience to be able to use it. It comes with a road-map based learning tool to take you through the process of identifying your own keywords, optimising your website and managing your backlinks yourself.

Each step of the way, you have useful tutorials and links to be able to compare different metrics, draw your own conclusions and move forward to the next step of the roadmap.

The system integrates with your Google Analytics and Search Console accounts and collates the data from your social media to report on all the things you will need to build a successful campaign yourself.

It also integrates with all the tools that top SEO professionals use (us included) to be successful and it’s priced pretty reasonably too.

Pick up a free 14-day trial by heading over to their site and signing up; you can even run a free, no obligation website audit to see how well your site is performing right now; you might be pleasantly surprised!

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