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Personalising these documents will take some effort, it’s a time-consuming process. There is a range of information you’ll need to gather and research relating to your cookies, your day-to-day service providers and more and then you’ll need to update each document with this information AND make sure it’s all in plain English. Get support from our team to work out the answers and make sure the documents are correctly completed and actually compliant. To take this a step further, we have a specialist GDPR Consultant who checks every single document to make sure that everything is ABSOLUTELY watertight.

It’s important to note that we’ve spent time working with these specific templates, working with other documents is possible but we’d need to view your templates specifically to be able to quote you individually.

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The Service Includes
  • GDPR Document Templates
  • GDPR Document Template Customisation Support
  • Implementation of your website GDPR documentation
  • Implementation of cookie compliance banner
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