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GDPR Compliance - Essentials

GDPR Compliance – Essentials

£20.00£50.00 per month
+£225 One-off Fee

Just the fundamentals. If you already have your website documentation in place and are happy that you just need it implementing on your website, this is the package for you. We take your documentation and implement it on your site, then, alongside this we create and implement a GDPR compliant ‘cookie’ banner on your site to keep your site compliant.

We will:

  • Create the relevant pages on your website.
  • Add links to the footer of your site so they are consistently shown on all pages and posts and therefore constantly ‘accessible’.
  • Add internal page links from a table of contents within the documentation to help visitors navigate to specific sections easily.
  • Add accordions throughout the documentation to help ‘layer’ the information and declutter the page.
  • Update all contact forms to include the ‘opt-in to future marketing’ consent for building your marketing database moving forwards.

We will also add a cookie compliance banner to your website which can be displayed in any number of ways, but this subscription-based system continually scans and displays the cookies being used, defines them and categorises them.

Alongside this, it then allows your visitors to opt out of the cookies and in turn, blocks them for you and finally saves these user preferences for one year. Get yourself GDPR compliant with this industry-leading Cookie Compliance banner that helps your users know and understand what cookies are in use on your website. It also allows them to disable cookies that they don’t want to be subject to – helping you remain GDPR compliant.

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The Service Includes
  • Implementation of your website GDPR documentation
  • Implementation of cookie compliance banner


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