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Wolf-Tech Engineering Ltd

  • Wolf-Tech Logo Design by Media Identity
  • Website Designed by Media Identity
  • Wolf-Tech Engineering Website Designed by Media Identity

About This Project

Wolf-Tech Engineering is an independent meat processing machinery engineering company. They repair, service and maintain all manner of equipment used in the production of meat and with such a specific target audience creating a brand and establishing an online presence was crucial in allowing them to move their business to the next level. 

We started with updating their logo. The one they had been using since they started the company was something the MD had created himself and it used the image of a wolf to establish the company name in the brand. Unfortunately, the original image was slightly reminiscent of a rat; and that is the last thing a meat processing machinery company needs in their ‘kitchen’! We used the original wolf icon as a basis to move forwards with and managed to maintain the integrity of the ‘wolf’ part of the image whilst removing the rat element. As orange was already a prevalent part of the company’s existing branding we felt it was important to maintain and we also adjusted the fonts to bring more impact to the overall imagery. Finally, we added a strapline allowing anyone who sees the brand name to immediately know what the company does.

Our next task was to work on the website and having agreed its basic structure, Wolf-Tech went away to work on providing some basic text and information for each of the pages. Using this draft information, our copywriter rewrote the text for each page to focus more on the user and make it more engaging from their perspective.  Working in this way allowed us to gain and prepare the content for the site before we started work on the design element and also coincided with the adjustments to the logo. At this point, Wolf-Tech began to approach their clients to start to gather testimonials allowing us to focus on building credibility with potential customers.

In the meantime, we got to work on the design of the website. We started with creating a Style Tile. This is a basic toolbox of the styling elements we need to build a website; colours, fonts images, textures and the like. Once approved, we then wireframed each of the main page templates to plan what information belonged on which page and identify what content needed to go where.

From here we submitted a series of options in terms of the theme of the website itself and once Wolf-Tech had provided us with approval we moved to the final stage of building out the website with all the content and imagery agreed earlier in the process.

The final results have given the new Wolf-Tech brand a new lease of life, and the website is going down a storm. It is aiding the sales team with a credible brochure website that they can refer potential clients to and the Managing Director had this to say about their experience of Media Identity:

Tim and Media Identity were recommended to me by a mutual colleague. I would have no reservations about recommending him to anybody looking for any of the services he offers, I found Tim to be very professional, knowledgeable and very friendly and went the extra mile to give me the website I wanted and the tuition in how to update it myself. I will use Media Identity in the future as other needs arise.

Rick Parvin – Managing Director

Logo Design, Web Design