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Llewellyn Europe

  • Responsive website design for Llewellyn Europe by Media Identity
  • Responsive Website Designed and Maintained by Media Identity

About This Project

We started with a logo design, then we took over their website and moved to redesigning this. Then we created a newsletter template for them on our email marketing software and they regularly update their clients now with monthly newsletters and bulletins as and when interesting articles hit their desk. After the dramatic changes to the search engines page rank algorithms Llewellyn Europe saw a drop in page rank for one of their main keywords and so they switched that over to us too. Our job has been to help with page rank recovery with a fresh SEO campaign and we are currently working on a backlink detox program to remove a number of toxic links the previous management team unfortunately built for them.

When we first met Llewellyn Europe they were looking for some help with their branding. While they had a text based logo that was used regularly on their documentation, they were looking to encompass their welsh routes (and company name) into their identity. A red dragon had also been used in some marketing literature for their business but as there were so many different images being used their messaging was unclear.

Having a great brand is all about repetition and having varying images used to depict a company logo across different mediums only dilutes the message. Once we had the new logo in place, we moved on to produce a series of business cards for the company, reinforcing the brand at each face to face interaction. The cards were produced on our standard stock which is a 350gsm gloss artboard, matt laminated on both sides – take a look at the results in the slider below.

Having got the business cards right, Llewellyn asked us to take a look at their website which previously had been built in an out of date language (HTML tables!) and they had no access to be able to edit the site themselves. We put together a new site, having advised them fully on the best navigational structure and rebuilt the site using WordPress to allow them to update it throughout themselves.

Search engine optimisation is one of our specialties at Media Identity, so when Darren asked us to assist with their SEO to recover from a loss of page rank after the recent SEO updates, we where only to pleased to help. Our brief was to recover the page one position that Llewellyn Europe enjoyed for one of their primary keywords. We started with a complete review of their current on page SEO and a review of their websites backlink profile, then made the necessary changes to bring their website up to date. We monitor their keywords and their competitors to identify a strategy that will get them back on top and then keep them there.

As SEO experts we are ideally positioned to help any business maximise their online marketing efforts and to improve search engine page rank.

Llewellyn Europe also offer a brilliant service to any company who manufacture products that contain chemicals, advising them on and then writing MSDS (Materials Safety Data Sheets) and they were looking to boost enquiries for this service. We put together a Google Adwords Campaign and help them to manage this by reducing the cost per click while ensuring their adverts receive a high quality score from Google themselves and they are enjoying the success of converting more and more enquiries each month.

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