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About This Project

AR Media are a video production crew with a head for technology. They create fantastic video and animation, virtual reality environments and augmented reality experiences that immerse the user and engage with target audiences.

We were charged with creating a new website for them and from the beginning, they knew that writing the content for the website was going to be a challenge for them. Having spent three years previously trying to write content for earlier iterations of the website, it was clear that this was going to be a sticking point for them.

Having engaged a professional copywriting service and still not able to produce copy that they were happy with we were delighted to pick up the pieces and work with them on a brand review.

Once we had tied down the brand it was much easier to start to write the content for the website together as we had a toolbox of phrases to choose from, and we fully understood what AR Media produce, who they sell it to and what tone of voice we should use to communicate with them.

The site itself, now complete and live is all about sharing the fabulous work they’ve created over the years for some of the worlds biggest brands.  As well as detailing all the different services that are available the portfolio is updated regularly as is their case study’s section allowing visitors to really put themselves into the shoes of a typical AR Media client in a similar position to themselves.

Here is what the guys at AR Media had to say about our services:

Tim spent a day with us and to be honest, we weren't really sure what to expect. We knew we would be reviewing the brand and Tim assured us that this was necessary but at this early stage we couldn't really see the benefit. As key members of the day to day running of the business, taking a whole day out of our schedule was a huge commitment but boy! Are we pleased we did!

Tim made us look at our business in a way we had never previously considered. He asked us pertinent questions and ran through a series of very clever exercises designed to draw the information directly from us. We hadn't realised that although we knew all of this 'stuff' we didn't know how to use it to our advantage. Having spent that time with us he returned the following day with a report of his findings and interpretations which were absolutely spot on.

We (and our team) now know EXACTLY what our brand stands for, who our key target audience is and how best to communicate with them. We have a toolbox of phrases that we can refer back to in order to create our own content and are so pleased with the results in our new website. We're looking forward to working further with Media Identity to help our target audience discover our website, our services and our talent.

Rob Fairhurst – Managing Director

Branding, Copy Writing, Web Design