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My emails have stopped working what should I do?

My Emails Have Gone Down What Should I Do?

My emails have stopped working what should I do?

A four-step guide to get your emails working again.

Your email hosting service can provide one of two options, depending on your requirements:

  • Exchange
  • Pop/IMAP


Step 1 – Check your Internet connection

It may sound daft, but if you are having problems collecting emails on mobile or desktop devices first check that your Internet connection is working. The normal advice of “have you tried turning it on and off again” applies here, but you would be amazed at how many support requests we get that are purely down to a poor internet connection.

Step 2 – Check your webmail

The next thing we need to work out is where the problem lies. If you can log into your webmail and send/receive emails then the issue isn’t with the hosting of your mailbox. If your emails are hosted with us at Media Identity then your webmail will be easy to access from any web browser. Simply type the following format into your web browser, where ‘’ is replaced with your own domain:

If your emails are hosted elsewhere then check your documentation or ask your provider for your webmail URL.

Quick Tip!

Make sure you don’t accidentally add a “www.” to the beginning of the url, or it won’t work!

If at this point you cannot send/receive emails to/from your webmail, jump to step 4 below.

Step 3 – Check your email application is correctly configured

With so many email clients now available to run the management of your mailbox and dependent on your own personal preferences;, it is difficult to predict exactly how your email application should be configured. For up to date information on your own application I would suggest you Google a phrase similar to “How to setup POP3/IMAP/Exchange (delete POP3 or IMAP as appropriate) email on my (e.g.) iPhone 6plus, 2016 (replace this with the current year)” and follow the results of your search.

Step 4 – Contact Support

Again, this will be different depending on the results of the first three steps, but the information you need to provide will be the same.

If there are problems with your emails and the webmail isn’t working then get in touch with your hosting company. If the problem lies with your own connection or the configuration of your applications and you can’t resolve them yourself; then it is over to your own IT Support team.

Make sure you have the following information ready to submit your request or support ticket. Providing this to your support team at the beginning of their process will save them having to come back and ask you questions:

  • Advise them that you have completed steps 1-3 above already
  • Advise them what device you are using to access the emails
  • Advise them what version operating system you are using
  • Advise them what email client (i.e. software, application) you are using to access the emails


Following these simple steps will save both you and your support team time and effort moving forwards. If you’ve found this article useful please do share it across your various social media accounts to help others. Don’t forget though, if you need help drop us a line, connect with us or leave us a comment below.

Tim Brown
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