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Digital Marketing Consultancy

You Don't Know What You Don't Know...

Consultancy is where our relationship will begin. Digital marketing can seem daunting but with the right advice from experts who study it daily, you can cut through the confusion and count on solid guidance.

Our experts guide you through a brand review process helping you to discover and finalise every element of your brand and once the foundations are in place, your overall strategy is next on the agenda.

We will help you to identify and then plan a marketing funnel that will not only help drive traffic to your website, it will help to convert those visitors into paying customers.

Emotions are the target for marketing in the 21st century. Engage the emotions and you are where the action is.

—Kevin Roberts, worldwide CEO, Saatchi & Saatchi


  • 20 Minute Call

    Spend twenty minutes on the phone discussing your digital strategy with one of our digital marketing experts

  • Review Day

    Spend a day with two of our experts reviewing your company brand as well as your own digital marketing strategy

  • Finalise

    Spend one more hour with our experts, reviewing and refining our findings until everything is finalised

  • Deploy

    We will present your final results to your whole team to ensure that every brand touch point is consistent

Your Consultancy

Digital Marketing Consultancy by Media Identity

Face to Face

We believe that the best consultancy is delivered face-to-face and outside of your normal working environment. It gives your team the opportunity to reflect on the basic values that underpin your overall brand rather than being distracted by the every day tasks that bombard us when we are ‘at work’.

For this reason we tend to meet at our central offices in the University of Northampton which is a great place for your whole team to congregate and focus on drilling your brand down to its absolute essence.

Online Meetings

If your team is particularly difficult to get in one place, for whatever reason it is no trouble for us to move to an online meeting solution. We’re fairly relaxed over the system we use, be it Skype, Google Hangout or even a specific software; let us know your preferences and we will fit in around you.

If you would rather we take the lead and choose the best solution, that is also fine by us; we are all about making life as easy as possible for everyone involved.

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