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You don't know what you don't know...

Marketing a brand can seem daunting but with the right advice from experts who study it daily, you can cut through the confusion and count on solid guidance. Branding is not just about designing a logo though and understanding your brand goes a lot deeper than what colours or fonts you should be using.

AR Brand Review Report by Media Identity


  • Brand Review Day

    Spend time boiling your brand down to its absolute essence. Understanding your brand promise, values and personality will help you to maintain continuity and sets your tone of voice in stone.

  • Customer Avatar

    Get inside the mind of your primary target customer, based on demographic and behavioural research you will have clear guidance of exactly who you are selling what to.

  • Logo Review

    Once you have your brand reviewed and your primary customer avatar we should review your logo to ensure that you are communicating these results correctly.

  • Brand Manual

    Everything we've learned together is documented in one place making it easy for your whole team to use for guidance and reinforcing continuity across all your marketing efforts.

Your Brand Elements

Website Style Tiles Designed by Media Identity

Brand Review

Our team will guide you through a brand review process helping you to discover and finalise every element of your brand and primary target audience.

By the end of the process, you will have a set of rules to follow that will underpin all your communications moving forwards. In turn, this makes writing content for websites, brochures, emails, letters and any other communication SO much easier for you. It gives you a tone of voice and an understanding of how your target audience may be feeling at the point when they need your services most. Engaging with those emotions in your marketing will build trust and confidence in you and your product or service.

Customer Avatar

Your customer avatar will help you visualise exactly who all your marketing efforts are targetted towards. It includes a photo of your ideal customer and we even give them a name.

Your avatar will build over time, but as a strong starting point we identify their key demographics, their challenges, pain points, objections and main role in the decision making process.

Knowing this information allows you to tailor all of your campaigns towards them and the effect this has on the clarity of your messaging impacts your marketing results tenfold.

How your Brand Underpins your Logo

Your branding needs to fulfil a number of things if it is to be recognised and remembered by new and existing customers, it needs to:

  • Clearly, deliver your message
  • Instill credibility
  • Create an emotional response
  • Fire the motivation to buy
  • Encourage brand loyalty

Your brand should identify with your customers wants and your logo needs and be visible at every point that your business is in the public eye.

It is vital to spend the time researching and defining your audience, competition and key message to position a successful brand.

Your brand is your consumer promise and forms the cornerstone of any marketing strategies you employ; it’s your biggest tool for communicating to your market and getting it wrong can be a costly mistake.

Remember, your logo is often the first thing a customer recognises and could be the last thing they remember so engaging Media Identity might just be the best investment you’ll ever make.

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