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7 Words or 3 Seconds – That’s All You’ve Got!

7 Words or 3 Seconds

7 Words or 3 Seconds – That’s All You’ve Got!

In this article I’d like to discuss writing content for the home page of your website. In some ways this is the most difficult copy to write as you need to capture your visitors’ attention more or less straight away. In fact there are some statistics that say you’ve got only seven words or three seconds before they go elsewhere.

How do you peek their interest and keep them on your site to read more and then to buy from you?

Well a picture speaks a thousand words, so a good design and layout that is attractive and appealing is a good start, but you haven’t got a thousand words you’ve only got seven! So everything should start with your Headline. The thing to remember here is that images are nice, but it’s your words that sell.

Your headline needs to instantly grab their attention; it needs to go a long way in answering the reason why they clicked onto your website in the first place. It should be the largest text on the page and it should appear above the fold. In terms of page positioning for your headline, ask yourself this…

When you look at a portrait painting or photograph where do your eyes go?

Well unless it’s the painting of the fallen Madonna with the big boobies, your eyes will normally go straight to the centre of the image about two thirds of the way up (where the eyes are!). And that’s where your headline should go.

It should be the most prominent piece of text on the whole page and its purpose is to get your visitor to read the next line.

See what I did there?

By making that text look different from the rest you are almost compelled to read the next line.

Now in terms of the words that you need to put in your headline, it should include your most valuable keyword, as it is (in the eyes of the search engines) the most valuable text on the page and will be picked up by them to help the search engine to understand where in their library of indexed websites to index yours.

Within those seven words, not only should it have your biggest keyword, but it should also contain the biggest benefit that a visitor will get from you when they buy your product or service. It goes back to what I was saying in the previous article about WIIFM. If you haven’t read that you can click here to read it.

When you’re thinking about your headline, the chances are that you offer lots of benefits for your customers, but what’s your biggest? Once you know that use that one and construct a short seven word sentence that says it with your main keyword.

The other benefits you offer your customers can be used in your sub headlines that will appear further down the page, they should still include keywords and entice the reader to want to read more.

But it’s your headline that grabs them.

Ah look at that… seven words!

Tim Brown
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